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PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 5:42 pm    Post subject: Probably me being a numbnuts... Reply with quote

Hi Nev,

Different problem hence second topic! This one I think is just my own stupidity, but I'm posting it just in case others are having the same problem and it's not "just me".

Twice now (in quick succession - a couple of days apart) when running AS I've had an issue whereby sieves I've finished with will not close, and I've lost items from my AS watchlist - but AS doesn't crash or freeze outright. If I centre click (button under the windows mouse wheel) on the sieve (or right click on the sieve tab and select Close [sieve name]) then all the items in the main results window disappear, but the sieve itself stays open, it cannot be closed. Even more wierdly, if I click on the ignore auctions already seen tickbox (normally ticked on all my sieves) all the results for the sieve come back (other than those with trash words), then if I click the tickbox again only the results from this time (those I've not seen before todays search) are left...

The first time this happened I was unable to open items (view them in my browser), but I could still add them to the watchlist - although they weren't there when I restarted AS (hence workaround 1). The second time I was still able to add items to the AS watchlist and also open items (view them in my browser - hence workaround 2) - but upon restart the AS watchlist reverted to an earlier state and I lost many items from it.

I *think* the cause both times was that windows lost sight of the flash drive on which AS was running. The first time could have been due to it being connected via a hub (which may have overheated...); that time I couldn't see any files on the flash drive in windows explorer even though the drive letter was still present - the drive was not wiped though. The second time I bashed the flash drive sticking out of the front of another machine, getting the windows dings as it rapidly disconnected and then reconnected. I could still see the files on the flash drive OK, and the flash drive still functions perfectly (I've just completed another AS search from it now).

The workarounds are:
1) Give up and revert back to a backup (generally I backup my flash drive every time it gets plugged in) - but of course I have to find everything I want from each sieve again - I get more to sort through than usual because I'm looking at 2 days or more of results rather than just 1 - and it takes time.
2) To gradually view everything in my watch list, and then add them all to a new ebay list (in addition to the watchlist - did you know you can "watch" more than 200 items now? I have created an "in case AS fails" list!) just in case they are lost when I close AS. Of course, this takes time as well, as does comparing the new ebay list with my ebay watchlist.

I'm using AS 2.5.2 running from a flash drive on Windows XP SP3 with Firefox 3.6.10. The same symptom has happened on two different home PCs (but with the same flash drive install of AS each time).

Kind Regards
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