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PostPosted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 6:15 pm    Post subject: confused by results: many more hits than when using website Reply with quote

Using 2.7.5 on Ubuntu 14.04 with oracle java 8 via ppa.

Trying to make a 'blank search term' search in 33963 (keyboards), so trying 'paypal' for search term, any words, search title & description. Must be BIN. Only search in category 33963. Select new today in Options. On ebay website via advanced search, this gives ~1300 hits. In contrast: AS says 1689 pages of search results. Experimenting with various price ranges gives some strange results from AS:

***** 25 to 30 dollars: 70 hits
***** 18 to 51: 746 pages warning
***** 39 to 51: 80 hits
***** 29 to 41: 91 hits
***** 18 to 29: 564 pages warning
***** 18 to 22: 408 pages warning
***** 18 to 21: 358 pages warning

***** 18 to 20: 291 pages warning Question
***** 18 to 19: 35 hits Question
***** 19 to 20: 19 hits Question

It seems obvious that last three can't be right, unless there is some rounding error with digital numbers taking place. I'm sure there are many 19.99 listings.

At least some small datasets I looked at actually had keyboards with BIN prices.

Once in awhile I try to experiment with AS, but I don't do well with the GUI. It's too easy to make mistakes vs writing code. I always fill in a data value but forget to check the box; seems like having the box auto-checked would help. I get wacky results such as the above, and lose my confidence. I even took screenshots as I went along to make sure I did this right.
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