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PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:54 pm    Post subject: Searching all Ebay sites for complete range of results Reply with quote

I have quite an experience working with Ebay. Regional Ebay sites give a little different search results, even with Worldwide switch. This may depend on some restriction set by sellers to offer their items only through that Ebay site it was listed at. It is still possible in most cases to open these items through any site. Some items show a message that you need to see it in original language (mostly Ebay.de). Also browsing sellers on foreign site will show empty inventory that is seen only on home site for that seller.

Here's simple example - same search on both regional sites gives different number of results:
125 for Ebay.de: http://u.to/A956Cg
105 for Ebay.co.uk: http://u.to/qd16Cg

Auction Sieve gave me 131 compiled results for UK + DE and 147 results for all 12 sites compiled. This clearly shows that only searching all the sites of Ebay really show whole range of choices. But it is rather time consuming to change every of 12 searches for a new request. Here's what can be done to offer absolutely all results in more convenient way for a user of Auction Sieve. This can be made simply by adding a checkbox in secondary searches to use same search string as in first search.

How other fields should behavior with this switch - it is task for thinking a little. Maybe such a switch is also needed for excluding words and seller filter.


Another variant of realization: "search all Ebay sites" instead of just specific site in USE field.

Sequential search should be in order selected by user in options, for example:
Ebay.com > .co.uk > .de > .ca > .fr > .it > .es > .nl etc.

For my experience Ebay.co.uk and Ebay.de give most of items that are possible for purchase to me. Ebay.com mostly has unique items that are not shipped outside US and their shipping cost is insane even if they ship. But from time to time some of other regional sites contain local items forbidden to be searched through international searches. I think this is called private sale or something like that. These items often have few bids and end for a small cost.
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