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Here is the simple, no-nonsense, “I want it now” download for PCs that run Windows :




If you already have Java on your computer (you probably do even if you don’t know it), it should run fine.

AuctionSieve will be faster if you have the latest Java. Get it here : (http://www

If you have any problems with that, you can download this version which includes Java :




Mac OS X

For macOS 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard and 10.5 Leopard. I no longer support 10.4 and lower.



Please ensure you have the latest Java. Get it here : (http://www


If updating from a version prior to AuctionSieve 1.8.7, see note below


For Linux and other Java capable systems, here is an executable jar file :

If you have any problems (can’t connect to eBay etc), please email me (problems null@null auctionsieve

The full download above acts as a foundation to which updates may be applied. When you run AuctionSieve, it will automatically check for the latest updates. Be sure to say “Yes” to the update the first time, or else AuctionSieve may not work properly with any new eBay changes.

“How do I upgrade?”

Simple. Run AuctionSieve. Select the Tools->Check for updates menu. That’s it!

Update history

For more recent release information, go here :

New features in 2.5.4

- Fix for incorrect bids in Ended Watchlist items
- Fix for incorrect time left and prices in Watchlist
- New search option – free shipping!
- New time frames – 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes
- ‘Remove’ button in Price History search panel
- Option to turn off the ‘too many pages’ warning

See for more details

New features in 2.5.3
- fixes for eBay changes – incorrect time left and some others

New features in 2.5.2
- new option to search for auctions only – thanks Ian Brabner for bugging me!

- now that eBay Store items appear in results as just regular items, I’ve re-arranged the Store and BIN options
- look under the new ‘Must be’ search option – a lot of the real bargains are one-off auctions by regular people – as opposed to the truckload of BIN items listed by resellers

New features in 2.5.1

- fixes due to eBay changes – no results, weird prices etc
- fix for eBay France and Belgium – was only getting 50 results – thanks darigh!
- hopefully a fix for the annoying IndexOutOfBoundsException on Macs – thanks to Doug Grinbergs and everyone else who’s bugged me about this
- fix for refreshing eBay motor items in the watchlist
- a whole swag of code refactoring behind the scenes – hooray for Java 5!

New features in 2.5.0
- new icon!
- It was finally time to break with the past – now that AuctionSieve requires Java 1.5, I can start adding features that have been on hold for a long time. Although there aren’t any other new features, to mark this significant break, I’ve updated the version to 2.5.0

New features in 2.1.2
- fixes for eBay changes – only returning 1 page of results
- some fixes for watchlist and price history info

New features in 2.1.1
- fixes for eBay changes
- fix to get all results reliably
- fix for StackOverFlowException and NullPointerException when getting watchlist item info

New features in 2.1.0
- Sieves and settings now stored in your user folder!
– when you next start up, all your info will be copied to your user folder
– If you want your sieves to remain in the program folder, look in Tools->Options->Advanced – handy for those who want to run AuctionSieve from a USB thumb-drive.
- Title sorting now ignores the word ‘The’ at the start of titles
– (you can turn it off in options to go back to the old behaviour)
– Thanks to Bonnie Smith
- Fix for eBay changes – thanks to Larry Keatts!
- EBay category chooser temporarily disabled – you can still manually enter ids
- Minor fix for auto-get sieves – Thanks to John Kolesar!

New features in 2.0.1
- New Preferred Location option – especially handy for Europeans
- New Global seller exclude list (under Tools->Options->Sieve Actions)
- Ctrl-T (Cmd-T on Mac) will create a new tab/sieve
- Delete sieve by right-clicking tab and select Delete from popup menu
- Removed Quit from File menu on Macs
- What’s New under Help menu (for those who download updates without reading ;) )
- Fix for UK new today search
- Fix for seller info corruption in watchlist
- Fix to get watchlist info for non-US items
- Fix for some Unknown ending times in the Watchlist

New features in 2.0.0
- Don’t get excited! This isn’t a major update – I just ran out of version numbers.
- fix for issue getting “new today” items
- fix for a bug which meant AuctionSieve sometimes missed the last item in a search result

New features in 1.9.9
- fixes for ebay changes – bids and BIN prices not showing correctly

New features in 1.9.8
- better linking to eBay Germany, Ireland, Switzerland & Austria
- a fix to more reliably get images for watchlist items (Thanks to Jim Mann Taylor!)
- fix to make “Include Stores” option work again
- fixes for eBay changes – results and watchlist items
- fix for eBay France – was only getting one page of results

New features in 1.9.7
- fix for eBay change – was only getting 1 page of results
- option to use old browser launching method to prevent hard crashing on Vista
– select Tools->Options->Browser->Use Old Skool launcher

New features in 1.9.6
- fixes for new eBay pages
- fix for price history “Email to a friend” error
- fix for Vista – view links should now work reliably!
- now stores tmp files in a different place on Mac OSX

New features in 1.9.5
- fix for NumberFormatException – eBay page changes
- fix for some European sites only returning 50 results
- fix for some missing prices when some of the items are from foreign countries
- added support for eBay Singapore

New features in 1.9.4
- A heap of fixes for eBay changes – no titles/prices/etc
- Fix for ’503′ server errors
- Fix – ‘Including’ stores didn’t always work properly (and typo fix)
- Help for low disk space – if sieve info is lost, at least it will load up the sieve as unkown with all catch/trash words
- Fix – excluded sellers now being taken into account on new eBay pages
- Fix to make sure watchlist item details retrieved correctly
- Fix to ignore additional ‘similar items’ results
- Fix to handle empty search terms (put in a space or blank and it will retrieve basically everything)
- Fix for some dodgy BIN displays
- Change – can no longer specify multiple categories to search
WARNING: Specifying multiple categories in a search sieve is no longer reliable! Ebay’s new search pages don’t handle the option. The most reliable thing to do is only specify one category and add an extra search for each extra category you want to search.

New features in 1.9.2
- A heap of fixes for eBay changes

New features in 1.9.1
- new browser launching code (mainly for Vista)
- search regular auctions + stores in the one search
- search Classified ads and Sale items
- international characters now displayed correctly (umlauts etc)
- min/max price criteria now being used correctly for store searches
- deleting sieves now works reliably
- fix for ebay motors items – titles now appear correctly in watchlist
- fix to load up your default eBay site when viewing items
- ignores extra results that ebay offers when there are 0 results
- fixes for Italy and Spain problems

New features in 1.9.0
- exclude seller ids in your search!
- option to make catch words override trash words
- fix for weird A circumflex characters
- fixed a memory leak – should reduce out of memory errors
- new eBay links (they changed their affiliate program)

New features in 1.8.9
- fix for invalid item problem
- fix for search where multiple ‘only search in categories’ are specified
- fix for UK ebay not downloading past first page
- fix for viewing auctions in Vista
- fix for a few other minor bugs

New features in 1.8.8
- fix for most of the latest eBay changes
- minor UI improvements

New features in 1.8.7
- program installer which makes AuctionSieve faster

If you have a version prior to this, please download a full new version from link above. (It’s not vital but highly recommended.)

Keeping your old data
Mac OS X users :
AuctionSieve now stores your data internally in the app. To use your existing data, you’ll need to do the following:
- Open up the folder where you currently have the old AuctionSieve
- Control click the new AuctionSieve icon and select “Show Package Contents” from the pop-up menu
- Navigate to the Contents->Resources->Java folder
- Copy the following files to that folder:
all .sieve files

Windows users :
You can install the new version into the same location as your old version – all your data will remain safe.

New features in 1.8.6
- fix for store searching when “search title and description” is selected

New features in 1.8.5
- eBay store searching! Just tick the box next to the ebay site selection.
- Fixes for new ebay pages
- Fix for international characters – searches for umlauts etc work correctly!
- Added support for eBay Poland
- Stability fixes
- User interface improvements

New features in 1.8.4
- Stability bug fixes for
– adding to trashwords throws ‘insets’ error
– weird list display glitch when lots of trash words
– file error when getting auctions simultaneously for multiple sieves

New features in 1.8.3
Cool new stuff
- Selected text is now highlighted in all matching auction titles – it’s awesomely awesome!
- Better Mac behaviour – reliably stores which tabs you had open etc
- eBay updates
- Searches (with a category specified) that returned 0 results would return extra results from ‘all categories’ – AuctionSieve now ignores these
- Fix for international sites like Italy that weren’t returning more than the first result page

New features in 1.8.1
- Fix for bug that caused errors for new users
- Open/run multiple sieves simultaneously!
- Handles 12 digit eBay item numbers
- Option to auto-get auctions when opening a sieve
- Option to auto-get auctions on program startup
- Browser item viewing is faster
- Menu tags to help organise your sieve list
- Bug fixes and more robust file handling
- Change for macs – menu is now up the top

New features in 1.7.8
- Fix for eBay changes and various bug fixes
- Two new time frame options (end in 7 & 10 days). This will help to filter out the flood of BIN items that now go up to 30 days

New features in 1.7.6
- Fix for eBay changes (bid column)
- Numerous stability improvements

New features in 1.7.4
- Fix for eBay changes
- Now supports Ireland & India ( &
- Fix for bad sieve files
- Minor stability improvements and fixes

New features in 1.7.2
- Fix for eBay changes
- Added ‘Available To’ search option

New features in 1.7.0
- Numerous UI improvements
- You can now edit the search options on the main screen
- You can view the watchlist/pricehistory items in sieve format!

New features in 1.6.9
- Currency filter
- More “Ends in x hours” options
- Fixes for ebay updates : ‘unknown’ end times and others
- Clipboard watching options in Tools->Options
- Clipboard now watches for item numbers as well as item urls ie copy a 10 digit number to the clipboard and see what happens
- Option to automatically check for beta updates on startup

New features in 1.6.8
- Update to make searches work again for certain mac users due to eBay changes (redirects were changed)

New features in 1.6.7
- Update due to eBay changes – time left and prices were bad and the Price History had the potential to be mangled

New features in 1.6.6
- Category selector that’s more robust – the UK site has been flakey lately so AuctionSieve will try a few things before giving up
- Every time you start up, a check is now made that all the items in your Price History have retrieved their final end-of-auction prices
- Several minor bug fixes

New features in 1.6.5
- Fix for ebay page changes – time left was getting bad values
- It now remembers the column you were sorting on when you last ran it – and on a per sieve basis as well
- Fixes some obscure sorting bugs that have always been there and a few other minor bugs
- Some fancy new graphics – a couple of icons and row highlighting

New features in 1.6.4
- Fix for ebay page changes – items with images were being ignored
- Fix for scraping finished BIN items
- Hopefully a fix so it remembers the window position and size properly on Macs
- A few other tweaks and bug fixes – one in particular – you can now Refresh items in the Price History – there was a bug where items were put in the Price History and not updated with the final auction end details

New features in 1.6.3
- Updates due to ebay changes. Caught some more issues
– results appearing in wrong columns
– category searches for foreign sites returning dodgy results for various timeframes, eg New
- Added option to not display error messages when retrieving (it will just try to keep going)

New features in 1.6.0
- New filtering system! Add extra filters to refine your results instantly
- New search option – select items located in … (eg Any Country)
- Specify how many minutes before Watchlist items end that you should be notified
- New Feedback form under the Help menu
- Ability to sort and move searches up and down in the sieve properties
- Many minor enhancements (eg images are now clickable)

New features in 1.5.0
- Price History instant averages!
- AuctionSieve forums announcement –

New features in 1.4.5
- Fix for warnings caused by Windows XP SP2

New features in 1.4.4
- Fix for retrieval of items that have ended
- Better browser support on linux
- Minor fixes

New features in 1.4.3
- Numerous watchlist stability improvements

New features in 1.4.2
- Numerous stability improvements
- Update to make US categories work again after eBay changes

New features in 1.4.0
- A watchlist and price history!
- View links now go to UK and Australian sites if appropriate
- Fix to category-based sieves so that it gets “time left” instead of eBay’s new default of “date listed”
- Fix due to eBay page change – thanks to everyone who emailed!

New features in 1.3.23
- A minor fix due to yet another change to eBay pages

New features in 1.3.22
- Fix to make AuctionSieve ignore “Items from other sections of eBay”

New features in 1.3.20
- New checkbox column to allow even easier Viewing of groups of auctions
- A whole swag of minor bug fixes and stability improvements

New features in 1.3.16
- Page estimates – with the new timeframes, AuctionSieve will try to estimate how many pages it needs to get
- Better error handling – no more freezing up without some sort of message
- A fix to handle/ignore the new “eBay Stores” items that appear at the bottom of some results

New features in 1.3.15
- Absolutely positively a final fix to make new pages work.

New features in 1.3.14
- A fix for “New today” – it didn’t work with the older eBay pages still used by international sites.
- Fixes for temperamental searches – the timeframe options weren’t taking featured items into account.

New features in 1.3.13
- Timeframe support! – eBay removed the ability to specify the timeframes “Going going gone” and “End today”. So I’ve re-implemented them using my own code. What’s great is that now you can specify timeframes for search-based sieves. And I’ve added extra timeframes like “End in 36 hours”.

New features in 1.3.12
- Updates to accomodate eBay page changes
- Minor bug fixes

New features in 1.3.11
- A fix to resolve a price range bug

New features in 1.3.10
- Updates to accomodate eBay page changes
- A retry mechanism so that it keeps trying to download all result pages even if timeout pages get returned by eBay
- A more obvious way to delete sieves
- Other stability improvements

New features in 1.3.8
- bug fix – sieves that contained lots of searches were being corrupted
- bug fix – sometimes selecting a sieve from the Sieves menu didn’t get the latest data

New features in 1.3.7
- new search options – price ranges, PayPal, BIN, quantity > 1
- ability to specify default eBay site
- a new menu for instant access to all your sieves
- an update to view links due to eBay changes – old links will not work after March 31

New features in 1.3.5
- fixes for View link problems on Mac OS X and Windows

New features in 1.3.3
- international eBay site support
- username/password proxy support
- fix for a major bug that meant search terms weren’t being saved to disk when creating a new sieve
- other minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes

New features in 1.3.0
- update to handle changes on eBay’s website
- minor bug fixes/stability improvements
- code to handle specifying an alternate browser under linux

New features in 1.2.4
- change to give AuctionSieve more memory by default
- some defaults changed depending on whether user is using a mac or windows

New features in 1.2.3
- sortable columns
- when constructing a search, if you’re specifying categories to search in, you can now select top-level categories

New features in 1.2.0
- eBay searches! – save as many searches as you want, combine searches, advanced options
- bug fixes for Win98 and WinME users to make the View links work

New features in 1.1.0
- auto update – automatic checking and downloads of new versions of AuctionSieve
- option to turn off the downloading of images
- potential bug fixes for Win98 and WinME users to make the View links work (hopefully)
- option to specify a proxy
- change to a default to make View links work on Mac OS X systems
- ‘reuse browser window’ renamed to opposite – ‘force new browser window’
- fix to make default window size better for macs
- options are now grouped to improve clarity
- better responsiveness from app after clicking a View link

Version 1.0.0
- initial release!