Hi all,

It’s time for a fresh release! Here’s what’s in it (and some notes about 2.6.1 because I didn’t blog about it).

Fixes for eBay changes

  • ‘New Today’ searches weren’t working properly
  • ‘Preferred Location’ searches (eg European Union) likewise
  • Items with price ranges (ebay UK only?) weren’t handled well. I’ve made AuctionSieve display the lowest value.
  • From 2.6.1, fixes for some searches retrieving only 50 results, time frames not working and blank watchlist columns

New features

Export and Import!

For those who use AuctionSieve in multiple locations eg work and home, you’ll find this handy. Simply select File->Export as shown:


Then enter a file name, perhaps saving the results on a USB drive to take between home and work:

Export Sieve Results

Select File->Import to load the results on another computer

New search option ‘Best Offer’

Only retrieves items where you can make an offer.

Best Offer Search Option

New Shortcut keystrokes

For convenience, I’ve added new shortcuts (these use the command-key on a Mac):

Tab Shortcut Keys

Note also that you can middle-click on a tab to close it.

Latest News and Click-able links

Lastly, to keep you informed on eBay issues and other news, I’ve created a Latest News feature you’ll see next time you run AuctionSieve.

In addition, all links in dialog boxes are now click-able.

I hope you enjoy all these new features!


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