Hi all,

This is mostly a release full of fixes for eBay changes. I’ve also added more robustness to the retry mechanism.

New feature – Include store items

There is 1 new feature – a new search option to include store items.

Many years ago, eBay started adding store items and most users didn’t want to see them – most users of AuctionSieve are only interested in items from regular people, not resellers.

However, as stores have become more prevalent, including mom and pop stores, eBay have changed how they present store items – they’re mixed in with regular results in a more integrated way. This can lead to some confusion because it appears AuctionSieve doesn’t return the same number of items as the same search on eBay returns. It’s because store items are ignored. I’ve now provided a search option which enables you to include these items in the results.

Happy bidding (or buying if it’s a store item!)


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