New feature – Mouse over an image to pop up a larger one

With this release, you can now see large images without visiting eBay. It works whether you are displaying small or large thumbnails. It even works when “Download auction images” is turned off. Just put your cursor over the camera icon.

Here it is in action:


New feature – Search by private or business seller

Also, introduced in 2.7.6 is a new search option.

This is only applicable to certain eBay sites – mostly European. On these eBay sites you can specify the type of seller – private or business. Most people requested this feature because they want to only see results from private sellers. It’s more likely you’ll find interesting or bargain eBay items from private sellers!


I also cleaned up some code which means there should be a slight performance increase as well.
(For the geeks among you, I totally rewrote the code that constructs eBay search urls – eBay has made a bunch of changes to the formatting of these urls in the past and seems to have settled on a nice standard. They kept the old formats working – they’d just redirect – but it appears they’ve finally removed those redirects.)

I haven’t blogged about any of the releases since 2.7.0, so here are the release notes for all the intermediate versions:

New in 2.7.7
- See more details with larger images! Just put your mouse over an image to pop up a larger view
- Fix for larger image thumbnails not working

New in 2.7.6
- Fix for eBay changes – zero results issue
- New search option – restrict to private or business sellers
- Further fix for category based sieves
- Fix for some bad titles in category based sieves

New in 2.7.5
- Now displays placeholders for images so list doesn’t keep changing in size

New in 2.7.4
- Special Apple III edition

New in 2.7.3
- Another fix for category searches only returning 50 results

New in 2.7.2
- Fix for category searches only returning 50 results
- minor UI improvements
- renamed the ‘ignore already seen’ filter
- Got rid of old, no longer used stuff

New in 2.7.1
- Fix for prices appearing as BINs (and missing bids)
- Some minor UI cleanups to make it look better on Mac OS X
- Some other minor UI improvements

Happy bidding!

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